About Us

This site is all about the story of those players that search for the best deals in terms of casino bonuses and landed on the right place. It’s the one thing we know best. Plus, the idea of a site arise during one of our escapades in Westfield.

What ca we tell about us? We are a passionate casino players team who practiced for years in both land based and online casinos. When we found out that wining is cool, but bragging about it is way better, we started to write about it here, on this site.

We don’t picture our self as teachers, but more like as a myth-busters and revealers of secrets.

Why would some guys share everything they know about making easy gains to strangers? Because you are no strangers to us. We were just like you. We needed guidance and help, and received none of them. So maybe we felt it’s the right thing to do. Share the knowledge!

So, think of us as a friendly guide for the entry-level players. Or a gambler turned writer.

Our articles will make references mostly to online casino bonuses, tips for slots, differences between the various bonuses, and where to find them. But we will also write about some cool stuff that any gambler should know.

We hope that you’ll find all the information you need in these pages. If you feel like asking us anything, just go to the contact page and be sure we’ll answer.